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Flexible Streaming

Choose the perfect feature from our professional suite to fulfill your streaming goals. Unlock the full potential of your live broadcasts.

Stream with studio
Upload and stream a video file
External RMTP encoders
Playlist streaming
Record and stream

An inclusive platform offering premium live streaming services to everyone.

Streaming Redefined

Experience an unmatched live streaming solution, tailor-made for personalized broadcasts. Enjoy hassle-free streaming without the need for downloads or software installations. Achieve your streaming goals effortlessly with our user-friendly platform.

Broadcast to numerous destinations with a single stream.


Simultaneously broadcast pre-recorded or live streams to a variety of destinations:
1. Share on 45+ social media platforms simultaneously, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Amazon.
2. Stream in real-time or pre-recorded to any custom RTMP destination.
3. Embed streams on personalized landing pages hosted by OneStream Live.

Announce live events

Efficient Streaming

Plan live stream events ahead of time. Modify event announcements as needed.

  1. Advertisement:
    Advertise your live streams across various social platforms beforehand to expand your viewership.
  2. Generate Excitement:
    Generate anticipation for your upcoming live event. Generate excitement and a fear of missing out to capture attention.

Incorporate live streams onto websites.

Web Live Streaming

Place your live streams across the web, whether on your website, social forums, blog site, or e-commerce storefront.

  • Standard Embed Player:
    Receive a single, consistent embed code for all your live streams.
  • Event-specific Embed Code:
    Receive a distinct embed code for each stream, active only during the live event.

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